Instant Orders

IoT and Artificial Inteligence integrated to predict order requests. With just one-click in our smart button AnyService will manage your orders based on past purchases, while tracking progress and managing inventory stocks.

Automated Inventory

AnyService smart packing recognizes packages and batch of goods by scanning NFC tags or QRcodes from mobile app. Inventory movements are tracked in real-time from pick-up to delivery.


Optimized Coordination

Appointments are programed based on customers needs and optimized by AnyService smart route tools that help minimize transit times.

Agile Payments

Simplicity and Security in virtual and physical payments. AnyService integrates NFC y smart swipe technology from mobile devices.

Anyservice By DLO Europa
Anyservice by DLO Europa

Smart Tracking

Deliveries are followed and geolocalized with smart tracking allowing customers and dispatch centers to be updated in real time.