FieldService by DLO Europa

Is a powerful framework that hosts different software modules designed to help your operation in each stage of the service delivery cycle.

From ordering to the activation and real time billing, you can tailor the platform with the tools you need.



The system is composed by three applications focused on install and repair tasks, activations, and network construction.

FS WorkForce is a mobile application that guides and helps your field technicians through their daily activities.

When deploying new services or repair jobs, the app provides powerful tools to localize customers, interact with devices and document relevant information such as photos, geo-references, digital signatures and material used.

A centralized dispatch agent assigns jobs and tracks its progress in real time. Different views give assistance to optimize routing and productivity with simple clicks and drag and drop. All changes are pushed to the mobile app that shows a notification to the technician.

100% fleet control. Paperless, No more unproductive dispatches, 20% reduction in installation times, Low quality jobs minimized, Optimal travel time (fuel savings), Customer satisfaction improved.

From the mobile app field technicians can: View jobs: new, paused, completed; reassign or cancel, Compute optimal routes, Confirm jobs or escalate to other teams, Retrieve customer technical, commercial and billing information.

Gps localization, Pictures, Digital signatures, Test measurements.

Track personal stock, Deployed materials by location, Camera bar-code reader.

FS Activation

FS Activation interacts with any device, anytime, anywhere to activate and configure services.
Data, voice and video platforms and devices from many vendors are already homologated and ready to deployment:

FS Activation integrates your OSS/CRM by standard and simple webservices. Besides, it is flexible enough to support any complex provisioning process and business rule needed to offer modern services. It’s a robust platform designed to scale with your company’s growth.

FS Construction

FS Construction, the ultimate tool to manage and control network construction projects. Each activity is classified, scheduled and delivered to a mobile application on technician’s smartphones. Job progress is tracked in real time from the field as they are being accomplished and help document process with:


A versatile set of tools that can be applied throughout the life cycle of your customers.

FS Control lets you undertake deep cost and revenues analysis of your complete business with clear results in churn reduction.


FS Rating

FS rating is a middle application that rates Event Detailed Records (EDR) from many sources such as telephony’s CDRs, Internet’s IPDRs or Video On Demand purchases. In real time, it analyzes every EDR generated and computes cross correlation between them prior to apply the correct cost and price.

FS Rating is also a useful application to audit providers and to detect unusual service usage per user.

FS Billing

DLO convergent billing platform delivers exactly what you need in an increasing competitive environment. Fully integrated with your business processes, it helps you manage each subscriber individually. Charges for each service, recurrent or variables, from telephony to Internet and digital TV, and it can be consolidated in a single invoice.

It is flexible enough to add discounts, promotions, bundles or even one-to-one rate plans. It is fast and robust to merge and compute million-date in each billing cycle.

FS Inventory

FS Inventory gives the highest degree of automation to the cycle of the planning, administration and control of your company’s stock.

Among its main advantages you will find, by using this tool that technicians will be able to update materials used in a particular job, which will be reflected in your inventory system in real time. With FS Inventory your company will be automating the administration of each technician’s inventory, avoiding “traditional methods” of inventory planning and control.

Regarding to its adaptability and flexibility, FS Inventory can be integrated with most inventory systems available in today’s market.

FS Revenue Assurance

This module gets in your system data to find leakages of profits. With crosscheck controls you will be able to detect fraud or optimize costs automatically.

Its reporting and alarm system offers the reliable and trustworthy information needed during the decision making process. FS Revenue Assurance can be installed as a part of the FS Commander or integrated within your current enterprise applications.

Anyservice by DLO Europa


DLO FS SALES helps you create new commercial channels and streamline the sales process of your company.

With FS Sales applications you can empower your field technicians to become sales agents when visiting clients, or, give your clients a way to interact online and buy new services or upgrades.

FS Mobile Sales

This mobile application, available for smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), allows you to extend your commercial office to any physical location.

Field Technicians can use the application to cross-sell additional services at client’s locations. Moreover, street vendors can leverage their work and create new purchase orders with no paper forms. Users receive on their mobile phone all the information needed to offer products and create purchase orders even if the device is off-line.

Contracts and digital signatures help expedite the commercial process with the client. Also, credit card payments within the device give the possibility to complete the sale on site.

FS SelfService

Stimulate purchases with a self-service system where customers can manage current products, upgrade them, or buy new ones. FS SELFSERVICE offers three different ways to interact with clients:

Client’s interaction with our self-service system is a unique opportunity to foment loyalty and promote upgrades and new products. With FS SelfService your clients will be able to upgrade, with a simple click, their current Internet bandwidth or just buy movie packs for the weekend. Whether from your cell phone, laptop or even the TV’s remote control, your clients will become part of your sales force.


FS CRM is DLO Customer Relationship Management system that allows you to easily manage the commercial details of your clients. Different views can be tailored for the needs of each type of user.

Contact center agents, salesperson or managers will get the most at a glance. FS CRM interaction with other DLO FieldService applications helps retrieve relevant customer information needed to identify their whishes and needs in depth.